I get quite a lot of complimentary comments submitted on this site, which gives me a short-term buzz – but sadly I suspect most of them are spam of one sort or another, so I allow very few through.

However, if you would like to contact me directly I would love to hear from you – feedback, requests, questions, suggestions… just about anything.

Many people using this site I suspect are students of one sort or another – and I am very happy with that. But the reason I am able to write on business finance is because that is what I do for a living – I work with a small number of private clients in the UK.

I am currently toying with the idea of offering my services remotely over the net – I think there could be some exciting possibilites here. So if you have a business with a turnover in the range £100k to £5 million and would like some input with anything from bookkeeping to monthly accounts to budgets to monthly cash etc. forecasting I would be interested to hear from you - we could explore your needs and the possibilities of working together. Nothing heavy, no big deal, just exploratory.

It’s probably best to use email:

I’ll give you a phone number too – but leave a message because I don’t often answer this line immediately (it’s not my private client line, and I’m either with clients, or working on a project – I do a lot of that!).  07971 047 323

All the best,