SITE NAVIGATION – Ten Second Guide. CLICK HERE Articles

TEN-SECOND guide to navigating the LESSONS. CLICK THIS blue/purple menu text to go a level deeper. To come out again, hit your browser “back” button; or from the left-hand menu column, click the LESSON again. If you get lost, hit “Home”. That’s it.

If that’s enough instruction, click on LESSON 1 in the left-hand menu column, and get stuck in. But if you want more instruction, click on the blue/purple header ABOVE to read the remainder of this article. You will see all you have just read makes up the first part of the full article. OK, you’re […]

Text Colours. Just in case, on your first visit, you find the text colours confusing, here is an explanation of text colours – blue, purple and black.

Blue or purple text is hyperlink text – which means it has the properties of a menu. When you click on blue or purple text you are taken away from the page you are viewing to another page. When you first vist the site, all such text is blue. Once you’ve clicked on it, it changes from blue […]