LESSON 3: Financial Navigation – the killer approach to Articles

LESSON 3: Financial Navigation – the killer approach to business success that not one in a hundred business owners employs effectively

 You can, and should, be in control of your destiny by being in control of your business. As a business owner you are the captain of your own ship. Think of your business as your own private cruise ship. The most important task a captain has is getting their ship from A to B, doing […]

3.1 Diagrams to illustrate the simple yet powerful concept of Financial Navigation

 The following simple diagrams illustrate the principle of Financial Navigation.   Figure 1: Likely future path before corrective action Figure 1 shows the planned results throughout the year, the results actually achieved during the first four months, and the most likely future results for the rest of the year. The business started the year well, […]

3.2 The eight steps that combine to give Financial Navigation its near magical power

 Let’s now take a quick peek at the essence of how you apply Financial Navigation in your own case. We’ll revisit each and every step later, and in fascinating and illuminating detail, but here in a nutshell are the eight steps in financial navigation. Step 1. Keep records You will need well-kept financial records. Your […]

3.3 Aim for the stars, and you might hit the moon

 A point it is critical to understand is that plans and forecasts are a ‘big picture’ tool. They allow you to set out what you want to achieve and what you expect to happen, but it is not usual for the future to unfold exactly as expected, even if you do try to control it. […]