LESSON 2: Why you can prosper and thrive while 90% or m Articles

LESSON 2: Why you can prosper and thrive while 90% or more of your competitors will be wiped out within the next ten years, or less

 I thought long and hard before including this section, and especially about placing it this early on. My decision to include it for you goes directly against the counsel of some trusted advisors, and consequently I do expect to pay a price for my decision. But to deny you what is crucial information for the […]

2.1 The three critical pillars of business success

 There are just three primary things that you absolutely must get right in business. One is your product or service. It has to be of a high or very high standard and be genuinely beneficial to people. The world is too competitive to tolerate anything less than that. The second is your sales and marketing, […]

2.2 Why those business owners without a grasp of finance are destined, almost invariably, to come to grief

 You cannot divorce finance from your business, nor from your business thinking. Finance is the result, expressed in numbers, of all that you ever do, or aspire to do, in business. Of course there are many things you cannot quantify directly in money, such as customer satisfaction, but everything can be quantified in money either […]

2.3 Only a very small minority of business owners ever learn how to run their business, which is the single biggest reason why most fail

 Now let’s move on to the principal subject of this section which is to prove that by far the majority of business owners do not know how to run their businesses. And please be very clear about why I am sharing these revelations with you. It is certainly not to belittle any business owner, manager […]

2.4 Ten-year survival statistics for UK businesses

What follows is one of the most important and revealing sections of the entire site. Make sure you read it.  Department of Trade and Industry/VAT statistics show that just under 70% (68.9%) of VAT-registered businesses cease to trade within ten years of registering for VAT. Because these statistics are based on the legal requirement to register […]

2.5 The clear conclusion is that the rough and tumble of business life is not a good teacher

 The surprising conclusion from this is that whatever lessons the majority of business owners are learning, they are not the right lessons. They are not learning how to build an enduring and healthy business. They may have ducked and dived, and pulled themselves out of each scrape, or just meandered along and fate has been […]